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20th July 1. Share and Embed Videos with FUSE and Global2 Rachel Crellin – DET
3rd August 2. Digital Storytelling on any device with Sway Troy Waller – Microsoft
31st August 4. Skype in the Classroom Troy Waller – Microsoft
14th September 5. Google Apps for Education
Introduce – ITD Adoption Squad
Xavier Norden – Wangaratta West PS
Term 4
12th October 6. Global2 setting up and using student blogs

Connect via Adobe Connect, not Polycom

Kathleen Morris – Edublogs
19th October 7. Games & Apps Challenge & ScratchTBC Sean Elliot
9th November  8. Virtual Language Provision  Regional Language Coordinators
23rd November  9. Secondary Edustar Software Suite  Brooke McNamara
7th December 10. Minecraft in the Classroom  Stephen Elford