Minecraft in the Classroom

Stephen Elford is a Senior Project Officer in the Learning and Teaching branch. As a Digital Learning Coach, and Minecraft Global Mentor, Stephen can assist schools to explore how Minecraft can enhance the learning and teaching of students across all ages and subject areas. Contact Stephen to get started: elford.stephen.g@edumail.vic.gov.au

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

The Education Edition differs from the standard version of Minecraft in that it provides a safe, shared learning environment where only students within a class and/or school can collaborate.

Students will have the opportunity to be immersed in interactive virtual learning experiences that directly link and expand on the subjects being taught in the classroom. Teachers can also use the program to engage students, meet their learning needs and build their skills around a particular subject such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), history, geography or coding.

​Minecraft: Education Edition is provided under the five year Microsoft Education Licensing Agreement. The software is a cloud service hosted by Microsoft on the internet, and is accessed through the Department’s centrally provided Office 365 service.

  • ​All Victorian government school staff can already connect to Office 365 and Minecraft: Education Edition using their Department username and password.
  • Students in Victorian government schools need to be provided with their Department eduPass username and password to access Minecraft: Education Edition. eduPass accounts additionally provide students with access to a range of centrally provided services such as the eduSTAR Wi-Fi network, eduSTAR Catalogue, Office 365, Google Apps, and Secondary school software suite titles such as Stile, Lynda.com and Adobe Creative Suite. Instructions for providing students with eduPass accounts are provided further below.​

User guides

​Privacy advice

Schools seeking to use Minecraft: Education Edition must:​

Note: This privacy information form covers access to the range of apps available to schools through the Department’s Office 365 offering, including Minecraft Education Edition.​

  • Be conversant with School Policy and Advisory Guide items on Student safety, Duty of care, Student engagement, Information Privacy, ICT Security and Acceptable use.​

​Providing students with an eduPass account for the first time

  • Work with your Principal (or school eduPass administrator) to logon to eduPass and generate student registration letters for all students in your school. See: eduPass – Manage student accounts
  • (Optionally) delegate eduPass administration rights to an appropriate staff member in the school.
  • (Optionally) Specialist technicians can then use the eduSTAR management centre to bulk reset all student passwords and obtain a CSV for providing to home group teachers. See: Technical Update 023/2016
  • Provide students with instructions to complete first use: See: eduPass – I received a registration letter. Note that from 24 July 2017, students are no longer required to complete ‘secret questions and answers’ as part of the first use process (speeding up the process – which now only consists of a password change). Secret questions and answers for self-service password reset can be completed via the eduPass portal at later stage if your school wishes to make use of this functionality for students.
  • ​Provide students with the eduSTAR catalogue www.edustar.vic.edu.au/software link where they can find the links to Stile, Lynda.com and access the eduSTAR software suite (including Secondary school Adobe software for BYO devices).


Additional information

  • Minecraft: Education Edition is different from the personal version of Minecraft and requires an installer made available via the eduSTAR Catalogue​. Minecraft: Education Edition is available for use on Windows 10 and macOS.​
  • For individual computer issues (e.g. can’t access Minecraft: Education Edition on a single computer, but will on others) – consider checking the student has the right software installed, and has access to Office 365 in the eduSTAR Management Centre > Cloud management console. Office 365 access is required as it is used as part of the Single Sign-on solution for access to Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • ​The eduSTAR service operations team will continue to provide support for whole of state systemic issues via the Department Service Desk.​​