SNAPSHOTS- Free Online PD for DET Teachers

These short, half hour, online sessions cover a range of topics to support your teaching and learning program. Facilitated by the DET Virtual Learning Team.

Presenters provide an outline of the topic, Q & A, resources and contacts for follow up if interested.

Sessions are not intended to fully cover each topic. Attend one session or all of them!

Get a snapshot of the topic and how to follow up later for more detailed information and learning.

When: After school during term time- login from school! No need to travel 🙂

Time: 3:50 – 4:20 pm

In 2018 we will be focussing on DET HITS


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Session 1– Feedback- Wednesday 6th June

Presenter- Chris Ironside (SEVR EIL)

Want to improve your feedback strategies with your students? This is an introductory session to get you started! Please note this is a different session to session 3 and you are welcome to attend both sessions!

Session 2-Multiple Exposures- Wednesday 13th June

Presenter-Jenny Ashby (NEVR Virtual Learning Coach)

By creating snapshots of explicit teaching students can play and replay as they need to relearn or revise their learning.  Jenny will be demonstrating how you can easily in a variety of ways create snapshots of your teaching. Multiply yourself and then be able to work with others while students are being guided by you.  Double your time.

Session 3– Feedback- Monday 25th June

Presenter- Matt Vines (SEVR EIL)

FEEDBACKFeedback is essential to drive differentiation, and to allow for students to know the ‘next step’ in their own learning journeys. This session will cover different forms of feedback and how to use effective feedback in order to drive teaching and learning.

Session 4-Collaborative Learning- Wednesday 18th July-Session full

Presenter-Stephen Elford (Senior Project Officer- Learning and Teaching Branch)

Join us as we introduce Minecraft: Education Edition, how to access it, and how it can support collaborative learning in your classroom. From Primary to Secondary and across the subjects, the limit truly is the imagination of you and your students.

Session 5- Metacognitive Strategies-Wednesday 1st August

Presenter-Dean Bush (DSSI Leadership Partner)

What is Metacognition? How do I teach this? How can I apply this to my teaching practice? These are the questions we often ask when thinking about ‘Metacognitive Strategies’, but the fact we are asking these questions is Metacognitive in its self, so how can we get our students to think this way? This snapshot module will help you to understand ‘Metacognitive Strategies’ in the classroom and provide some strategies and resources to have a go for yourself!

Session 6- Differentiation-Wednesday 15th August

Presenter- Shane Lockhart (EIL NEVR)

The role of differentiation is essential in any robust learning program for our students. This session provides a snapshot of differentiation in the context of FISO, the Essential Elements, the Improvement Cycle and HITS. We will unpack what the key features are in regards to differentiation and how differentiation relates to each of the school improvement philosophies mentioned.


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